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LGBT Computer Scientists

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The Greats

Computing is for all. Anyone can be a Computer Scientist or Electronic Engineer if they love the subject, put their mind to it, and put the work in. Some of the most amazing, the absolute greats, who have transformed the subject have been LGBT. Several computer scientists have also played a major role helping transform both views and the law.

Arguably the greatest Computer Scientist of all was Alan Turing. He worked out a theoretical foundation for what computation was, laying the foundation for building the first real computers. His work cracking codes helped win World War II. He also helped design one of the early real computers, and He was convicted for being gay though was the first gay Britain to be pardoned posthumously paving the way for all those convicted for being gay to be pardoned too. In the US, Edith Windsor a senior systems engineer at IBM led a landmark Supreme Court Case that led to gay marriage becoming legal. Other LGBT greats include Lynn Conway, Christopher Strachey, Peter Landin and Sophie Wilson.

Find out about their work and the amazing contributions they have made.

More LGBT Greats to come (of course) ...