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Computer Science for Fun in Scotland

The flag of Scotland

Scotland has lots to be proud of. Leading the curve towards the high-tech future is perhaps the most important. Over and over it has been Scottish inventiveness that has led the way.

At cs4fn we write about things that excite us, where-ever they come from, and not suprisingly loads of the stories have come out of Scotland. That's why we have put together this area, dedicated to Scotland and its wonderful successes in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.

If you are Scottish we hope it will inspire you. If so you might want to check out Computing Scotland for how to turn your hobby into a career. Maybe we will be celebrating your inventiveness in cs4fn articles some time in the future.

Scotland is here

Robots clean up

a barrel filled with radioactive waste Do not enter

It's good to talk

A Morse Code Tapper Alexander Graham Bell

Satellite Imagery

A satellite image of the UK covered in snow The eye of the storm

Tracking Diseases

Spore I am Legend

Brain-computer interfaces

Girl's eye concentrating Competitive Zen

Computing everywhere

A sheep grazes on a hillside Is the grass always greener?