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Alan Turing - the genius who gave us the future

Alan Turing was born over 100 years ago. You may not have heard of him before, but he is one of the most important scientists of the last century. He worked on maths, logic, code-breaking and most importantly, he came up with some of the fundamental ideas that make computers work. He was one of the very first actual computer scientists.

We explore Turing’s world-changing life and ideas, and check out the 21st century research on subjects he cared about. You’ll read about computers made from chocolate, the best ways to keep a secret and an animal that can survive being chopped into almost 300 pieces. It’s a pretty amazing world out there, made all the more amazing by Alan Turing’s work.

Turing himself

Alan Turing smiling Alan Turing's life

What is computation

Chocolates Chocoholic Turing machines

Programming a Turing Machine

Colourful lollies Chocoholic subtraction


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Patterns in Nature

A shark drawn in the sand table Lines in the sand

Overcoming Shyness

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