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Machines Making Medicine Safer

Child in bed with recovering bear: www.istock.com 000011289393

Computer scientists save lives. Our hospitals are full of computers in disguise, helping medics keep patients alive.

We explore the world of safe medical machines through a London-Swansea research project 'CHI+MED'. Computer scientists are working with psychologists, social scientists and medical professionals to make medical devices even safer.

To build machines that not only save lives but are safe you need to think about the bigger picture, not just the gadgets. Programming them is important but it is only a small part of what matters. Only when you know how they are really used can you find ways to make them even safer.

We will also see how a Formula 1 team have contributed to safer operations, how taking a leaf out of a gorilla watcher's book has helped one device manufacturer get a market edge, and why programmers really are wizards!