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The Judge of a Good Story

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A storyteller must be able to judge their work. Rafael Pérez y Pérez of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, México created a system that can evaluate stories. It’s not easy. What makes a good story? It’s questions like this he’s trying to answer. His program evaluates the interestingness, coherence and novelty of a story. The following is its evaluation of the computer generated Jaguar Knight story:

Jaguar Knight made fun of and laughed at Trader. This situation made Trader really angry! Trader thoroughly observed Jaguar Knight. Then, Trader took a dagger, jumped towards Jaguar Knight and attacked Jaguar Knight. Jaguar Knight's state of mind was very volatile and without thinking about it Jaguar Knight charged against Trader. In a fast movement, Trader wounded Jaguar Knight. An intense haemorrhage aroused which weakened Jaguar Knight. Trader knew that Jaguar Knight could die and that Trader had to do something about it. Trader went in search of some medical plants and cured Jaguar Knight. As a result, Jaguar Knight was very grateful towards Trader. Jaguar Knight was emotionally tied to Trader but Jaguar Knight could not accept Trader's behaviour. What could Jaguar Knight do? Trader thought that Trader overreacted; so, Trader got angry with Trader. In this way, Trader - after consulting a Shaman - decided to exile Trader.

Do you agree with it? If not can you explain why not?