Enter the maze

Eyes in the skies

Satellities over earth

The planet Earth, our home; cities, streets, houses, geography makes the world go round. So what happens when geography and computer science get together? One example is earth.google.com. Google is well known for its ability to find the right information when you type into a search engine, and given the amount of information on the web it's amazing we can find our way around the virtual world. But they have taken it a step further, now Google can let you see real world locations from space. By mosaicing together thousands of satellite images of planet Earth you can get a look down on whole parts of the planet. Type the location and get a satellite's earth view from above. It's like adding together millions of 'eyes in the sky' to give us snapshots of the tiny blue green planet we live on today. To take a birds eye look go to earth.google.com, then zoom in from outer space to see your own house.