Enter the maze

Winter 2007/2008 Limerick Competition

quill and ink

Way back about a year ago, we posted the following first line of a limerick and challenged you to complete it.

Computers are hiding out there...

Here are the joint winners, with WM Paul Mitchell providing two of the three winning entries:

Computers are hiding out there,
But who knows exactly just where?
So say, wot the 'ell!
Let's check in the Dell,
To pinpoint their Pentium lair.
- WM Paul Mitchell

Computers are hiding out there,
So watch how you dress, mon frère;
Don't come to grief,
In a nano-brief,
Or in digital underwear!
- WM Paul Mitchell

Computers are hiding out there,
And no one, quite frankly, knows where,
You can see them though during,
A test made by Turing,
With CAPTCHAs now seen everywhere!
- Dan Green

Two others were specially commended by the judges:

Computers are hiding out there
'Mongst the rubbish that's under the stair
We want to reuse
For the poor wouldn't refuse
But insurers will not let us share
- Morna Findlay

Computers are hiding out there,
Under cupboard and table and chair,
For desk or for lap
They'll find any gap
Ubiquitous, they're everywhere.
- Olwyn Dean