Enter the maze

Winter 2008/2009 Limerick Competition

quill and ink

Last winter we posted the following first line of a limerick and challenged you to complete it.

A computer found floating in space...

This time we had an outright winner, Alec Kitson of Canada. His entry was:

A computer found floating in space
Uncovered - devoid of its case
Said "OK so I'm nude
But it's not really rude
Though agreed I'm a little off base"
- Alec Kitson

Well done to Alec for harnessing the traditional cheekiness of limericks while staying with the spacey topic!

Two others were specially commended by the judges:

A computer found floating in space
Had belonged to a programming ace
Who'd exploited the Earth
For all it was worth,
Destroying the whole human race.
- Bob Evans

A computer found floating in 'space'
Said, "The debris up here's a disgrace!
Satellite shrapnel?!
We're dodging such crap, hell,
They'll have to re-name the whole place!
- Doug Harris