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A rabbit in a hat

Baffling knots, disappearing coins, levitating wheels and more, these kinds of wonderous magic tricks are what illusioneers are interested in. Finding out how these tricks work can be immense fun as well as performing them on others, it is a good way to bring people together and make them stare in amazement.

However, illusioneering is also about the science behind these magic tricks, as scientifically defining how a magic trick works may actually provide some insight into research. An example of this is the baffling knot trick, because magicians try to find knots which look like they are actually knots but in fact aren't and there is mathematical research behind this subject. It turns out this knot theory is useful for the medical field as we try to learn how to develop new drugs that will stop bacteria from replicating.

The new illusioneering website (http://www.illusioneering.org/) has been created in order to display many different magic tricks to the masses and then explain how they may be recreated to show your friends or family. For each trick there is a pdf and accompanying youtube video giving you much information behind their workings and also some scientific insight.

Here is a little taster of the magical goings on over at the website: