Enter the maze

The remote control brain experiment

Red Black Trick

Here is an experiment that looks at the power of the human mind to control distant events.

Experimental Equipment required

1 Deck of Playing Cards
1 Brain


Get a deck of cards and give them a good shuffle. Spread the cards on the table face down. Now think of the colour RED and select any 8 cards, then think of the colour BLACK and select another 7 cards at random. Now think of RED again, select another 6 random cards, then finally BLACK again and select 5 cards.

Shuffle the cards you chose, and then turn the pile face-up. Take the remaining cards, shuffle them and spread them face-down.

Now Concentrate

Now the remote control starts. Concentrate. You are going to separate the cards you selected (and that are now in your face-up pile) into two piles, a RED pile and a BLACK pile, in the following way.

Go through your face-up cards one at a time. If the next card is RED put it in the RED pile. For each RED card you put in your RED pile think RED and select a random card from the face-down cards on the table without looking at it. Put this random card in a pile face-down in front of your RED pile.

Similarly if the next card is a BLACK card put it face up on your BLACK pile, think BLACK and select a random face down card. Put this face-down card in a pile in front of your BLACK pile.

Go through this procedure until you run out of face-up cards.

The experiment so far

You now have the following: a RED pile and in front of that a pile containing the same number of face-down cards you selected while thinking RED. You also have a BLACK pile in front of which is a pile of random cards you selected while thinking BLACK.

Did your thought control work?

Interestingly your thoughts have influenced you choice of random cards! Don't believe me? Look at the pile of random cards you chose and put in front of your RED pile. Count the number of RED cards in this pile. Now look at the random cards in front of your BLACK pile, and count the number of BLACK cards you selected. They are the same! You selected the same number of RED and BLACK cards totally at random!

It's a final proof that your sub-conscience mind can make you choose random cards to balance those numbers! ... Or is it?