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Computer Science and Mentalism Magic

Woman with swirls doing mentalism. Adapted from PIXABAY.com

Mentalism acts are a way that a magician is seemingly able to communicate telepathically, even over great distances with another person, possibly a partner or perhaps a member of the audience. They don't rely on the supernatural, super powers or spirits from another dimension. They do rely on codes and covert channels, so computer science. In fact you can learn some important computer science from mentalism tricks... and to be good at cyber security you need to be good at spotting the same kind of weaknesses that mentalist exploit.

Issue 24 of the cs4fn magazine includes lots more about computer security. A pdf is available to download for free from our download site.

The acts

An Overview of Mentalism

a male mentalist Just between the two of us

Binary Mentalism Magic

a female mentalist Cards on your mind

Mind Reading - Brain Computer Interfaces

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