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In4merz: letting the music world know

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What do the careers of Pixie Lott, The Saturdays, Sugababes and Tinchy Stryder all have in common? Loads of talent, armies of fans and a little help from computer science.

Get it out there!

You can have the best tune in the world, but unless you can get it out there and market it, you ain’t going nowhere fast. Promoting artists and bands has always been a key part of the music industry: it needs talent, creativity and a good business sense. But it’s always been hard to get a start as a promoter until now.

Up close and personal

That’s because Clare Hudson had a brilliant idea. She created a high tech company to let young people from the ages of 11 to 24 develop their creative and media marketing skills in a real business environment while also helping them work directly with their favorite bands and artists to help promote them. Mixing the availability of today’s easy-to-use web, video and picture editing software with the power of social networks allows members of her in4merz social network to have fun as music promoters in their spare time. As an added extra, members also have the inside edge on the latest news and gossip about their favorite music acts and a weekly magazine.

All-American Rejects

Step up to the challenge

The sites contains loads of instructional videos explaining how to do things on the web, like create advertising banners and include them in your websites. And, like many successful social networks there is also a competitive edge. As a promoter you carry out the daily tasks set for promoting your favorite artists (like commenting on a YouTube video or promoting a Facebook widget). Completing your tasks earns you points, and points win prizes: amazing prizes like thank-you calls from the actual artists, gig tickets with coveted backstage passes, meet and greets, signed merchandise and all that sort of cool stuff that really gives you bragging rights with your mates.

The fame name game

Artists already signed up and using the computing fueled fan power of www.in4merz.com as part of their marketing strategy include Lady GaGa, Pixie Lott, The Saturdays, Sugababes, the Jonas Brothers, Craig David, Girls Can't Catch, All-American Rejects and Tinchy Stryder as well as dozens of ‘yet to break big’ music acts. Work hard, and the company will even provide references for you when you are applying for other jobs. You might even have a hand in making the career of a future number one!