Enter the maze

Code Breaking Puzzle

So how good are you at code breaking? Are you as good as Walsingham: spymaster to Elizabeth I? Here is a code crossword. No clues just the code to break. We've given you a few letters to start. The key is at the top. All letters of the alphabet appear in the key and grid ... but which is which letter? Work out the code and it will reveal one of the greatest movie messages of all time, and to make it a bit more fun, you have to answer the following questions about the grid:

image of a Russian Scrabble Board
  • Which lump of clay ran away because it wanted to have fun?
  • What is the caffeine-loaded programming language?
  • What animal has a crush on you?
  • What explosive song did Debbie Harry of Blondie sing?

Here is a printable version in pdf format.

Don't look at the answer until you have cracked the code...if you are struggling try our hints about simple code breaking.

a code breaking puzzle

The Maze

The maze

Round the corner a phone is ringing.

The maze

The door after that goes into a studio where a quiz show is going on.