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Support for Teachers: Computational Thinking

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Computational Thinking skills are the underpinning skills of the computer scientist. This page gives resources supporting the CPD talks on Computational Thinking given by Professor Paul Curzon. Please contact Paul (pc@eecs.qmul.ac.uk) if you would like him to give the talk for your organisation.

We would love to get feedback about this material (and the talk if you attended it).


Paul Curzon's Computational Thinking Talk Slides

Supporting Booklets

Computational Thinking: Searching To Speak, Paul Curzon, Queen Mary University of London, January 2014

An early draft of Paul Curzon's Computational Thinking booklet based on the talk


Instructions and materials for doing some of the activities described

Related Material

Paul Curzon's "Computing without Computers" booklet download - real world equivalents and other metaphors for teaching programming, datastructure and algorithms concepts