Enter the maze

One in the eye for wearable tech

by Peter W McOwan, Queen Mary University of London

Close up of eye with cityscape in it: Image from pixabay.com REF 2040986

Contact lenses, normally used to simply, but usefully, correct people's vision, could in the future do far more. Tiny microelectronic circuits, antenna and sensors can now be fabricated and set in the plastic of contact lenses. Researchers are looking at the possibility of using such sensors to sample and transmit the glucose level in the eye moisture: useful information for diabetics. Others are looking at lenses that can change your focus, or even project data onto the lens, allowing new forms of augmented and virtual reality. Conveniently, you can turn the frequent natural motion from the blinks of your eye into enough power to run the sensors and transmitter, doing away with the need for charging. All this means that smart contact lenses could be a real eye opener for wearable tech.

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