Enter the maze

Ada Lovelace Day is coming!

A woman works on her laptop. It bears a sticker saying: no, this is not my boyfriend's computer.

On 24 March, bloggers all over the world will be writing about their favourite heroines of technology. Women make huge contributions to technology, but their achievements aren't celebrated as much as those of their male counterparts. Take Ada Lovelace herself, for example. You might not recognise her name, but she lived in the 1800s and was one of the first computer programmers. She was also a visionary: she imagined uses for computers beyond just crunching numbers, which means that she had some inkling of just how important computers would become in our lives.

So as an antidote to a world where it can sometimes seem like women's most visible contribution to technology is looking hot in adverts, look out for posts on 24 March that are all about the real heroines of tech. And if you've got a blog yourself, visit the Ada Lovelace Day website to find out how you can contribute your own post!

Image taken from Lady Pain's Flickr photostream.