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Most people love some kind of music. Some even dream of being rock stars, but there is an exciting new way to mix music into your future. When Electronic Engineering and Computer Science meet Music Technology, out of the mix comes exciting innovations that are changing the way we enjoy our music. It's all thanks to Audio Engineers.

Fed up with all that feedback as your guitarist goes near the speaker? Would you twiddle with the knobs, or would you write some audio software to balance the speakers automatically for you? Do you still manually create playlists for your iPod? The audio engineers got fed up of doing that too so they've been coming up with ways your computer can do it for you, whether by analysing your music or working out your moods. Don't accept music has to be made and played the way it's done now. Invent a new way. Read on.

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DJ Soundbite

Augmented Instruments

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Collaborative Music

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Virtual Instruments

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Mutual Engagement

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Audio through history

Chatsworth Cascade A soundly engineered waterfall

Synthesising Singing

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Computer Translation

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