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Computer crime and cyber security

To secure and prevent

In older times if someone committed a crime it would have been done solely through physical means like pickpocketing, mugging, shoplifting and so on. As time has moved on and advancements in technology have occurred we have obtained more convenient ways to carry out everyday tasks, however this has also introduced new ways to commit crimes.

Just as there are now new ways to commit crime, people are also inventing new ways to prevent and detect criminal activities carried out using computers. Dealing with 'cyber crime' is complex as it requires a joint effort from both a technological and legal standpoint and introducing new laws is painfully slow compared to technological advancements.

There's also a fine line sometimes between breaking the law and ethical activities where people break the law but ultimately for the public good (Edward Snowdon is arguably a good example). There are even people who are paid by companies to hack their systems to find the holes before the bad guys do.

Here we explore lots of different kinds of computer crime, how they are being dealt with and look out for the good hackers too.

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Fail Secure Security

Stormtroopers Guardians of the Galaxy

Disaster planning: Being prepared for the worst

the Torchwood characters and their world-saving sofa Torchwood: in need of some backup

Women and Cyber Security

Cows in a field Felony Fighting Females

Contactless Card Security & Relay Attacks

Credit card in back pocket i-Pickpocket

DNA attacks and Buffer Overflow


Understanding hackers

honey streaming on to a spoon The Cyber-Security Honeypot

A short story about Phishing

a path through a forest You are what you know

Privacy and Metadata

cat face I know where your cat lives

Privacy and Phone Metadata

cat face Track Malte Spitze [EXTERNAL]

Privacy and Personal Data

crystal ball Crystal ball coupons

Privacy and Databox

databox logo Keeping a lid on your data

Cybersecurity at the Movies

Rogue One poster Rogue one Authentication

Mentalism Magic and Binary

male mentalist Just Between the two of us

History, Ciphers, steganography and Binary

writing in old book Hiding in Elizabethan Binary

Spear Phishing and Man-in-the-middle attacks

Wifi pirates flag Piracy on the open Wi-fi


keyboard controling world Wannacry

Passwords and Entropy

cartoon: Randall Munroe, xkcd.com https://xkcd.com/936 - reprinted under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License Password Strength

GPS Security

a satellite Pokemon Lost

Crime and the internet

earth&mouse Mouse arrest

Steganography: A novel way to hide messages

knitting Dickens knitting in code

Scamming your mobile phone

money Hustlers go mobile

How vampires can turn your data

Female Vampire: copyright istock.com 10510877 Sucking the life out of your wi-fi network

The science of Biometrics

hand A grisly story about digits

Phishing for passwords

earth&mouse Gone phishing

How viruses spread

earth&mouse Catching a nasty virus

Denial of service attacks

earth&mouse Attack of the zombies

Adware and spyware

earth&mouse SpyBots

Hacking passwords

earth&mouse Hack attack

Digital kidnapping

earth&mouse Using encryption for evil

Stealing virtual property

earth&mouse Theft or is it?

The power of a word

book in library Using reCAPTCHA

Hacking phones

earth&mouse Phonie phones

Catching out car thieves

bullethole Will they take the bait?

Biometric mouse signature

signatures The Biometric Mouse